Traditional Irish Crowd Surfing

One of our very first introductions to the Irish festival scene in America came with meeting one of the biggest bands that tour over there, Gaelic Storm. They first got on the scene after performing on the Titanic movie, you know the part where Jack and Rose are spinning around in a circle… Well they now attract thousands to their gigs and put on a crazy show. We first met them in a hotel room after party where prank calls were made, songs were sung and a fair amount of Jameson was drank. We’ve been mates ever since and they did something very special for us on that first tour of ours in 2014.

Now we were complete newcomers and we were blow away by the size of the crowds that Gaelic Storm attracted. Fiachra got chatting to Pat, one of the main singers in the band and jokingly asked if they have every gone crowd surfing. “Shur of course we have boy!” said in a tick Cork accent. Fiachra thought he was joking of course. “How can you go crowd surfing at an Irish Festival!?”. Pat took that as a challenge and said for us to turn up at their gig that night.

To a completely packed audience Pat made the crowd chant “SOCKS-SOCKS-SOCKS-SOCKS!”, and then told the crowd that Fiachra had never crowed surfed. He told Fiachra to stand at the edge of the stage, turn around and fall backwards. Fiachra laughed. “Are you serious!?”. “Of course I am boy! Go for it!”. He turned around and fell onto the upstretched arms of the front row. From there he took off, backward and circling around the arena, some spots had him dip out of view, some had him raised high. But for one thing, he had the biggest grin on his face that I had ever seen.

An absolutely brilliant moment at the very start of our touring adventures.

And for your entertainment pleasure – You can watch Fiachra on his crowd surfing journey RIGHT HERE!

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