Our First Summer 2018 Announcement

We’re delighted to be able to announce our first show of Summer 2018! (Drum-roll please….)

The Dayton Celtic Festival in Ohio!!

Dayton was the very first Irish festival that we got to play at over in the U.S. back in 2014 and we haven’t missed one since! This will be our 5th consecutive year appearing on the lineup and we couldn’t be happier. The festival is not only special due to it being where we first took off our training wheels as professional musicians but it also boasts the title of being a totally FREE festival to all and is run completely by volunteers. Amazing considering the size.

And it is all due the organisation and kindness of Bill and Nancy Russell. From day one the Russell’s have been an invaluable help to us on getting to grips with the Irish festival scene in American. To prove the point, when we first arrived off the plane we were taken around Dayton in a golf buggy by Shannon and Megan Russell (Bill and Nancy’s two daughters) along with their two legend fiancés, Pip and Éamonn. They fed us with copious amounts of donuts (Now a regular Socks delicacy) and took us around to all the local bars to sample the beer. As you can imagine, we’ve all been great friends since, often taking full advantage of each others couches and fridges after a heavy night of drinking Jameson and Guinness…

To sum up: Dayton is the only festival where we’ve had break-dancers take over the dance floor during one of our sets. Dayton is the only festival where all the artists joined forces to sing to the crowd during a power cut. Dayton is the only festival where the cops stop traffic to let us park closer to the beer tent. Yes.

And now we get to do it all again!  I can tell you one thing, we are three happy Socks.

Come join us at Dayton Celtic Fest in late July if you can.


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