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The Musical Connection

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One thing that myself and the lads have noticed over the past nine or so years of playing together is the genuine connections that can be built up with audience members simply by playing music. Two instances in particular stand out. Let me set the scene: before we were even established as a legitimate band […]

The Perfect Gig

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So we just got the news off our agent Martin Nolan of MPI agency that we will be back playing in our home town of Ennis, Co. Clare again in May! It’s absolutely brilliant news for us as it is pretty tricky securing a slot in Glór, the main Theatre in Co. Clare. It will […]

Traditional Irish Crowd Surfing

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One of our very first introductions to the Irish festival scene in America came with meeting one of the biggest bands that tour over there, Gaelic Storm. They first got on the scene after performing on the Titanic movie, you know the part where Jack and Rose are spinning around in a circle… Well they […]