Rockin’ Stockin’ Tour 2018

We’ll we just got the good news about our next major U.S. stint. We’ve got over 23 gigs coming up and we’ll be all over the map from February to late April. We’ll be flying from coast to coast on this trip. Starting in Florida, off to California for a day or two, Vegas for St. Patricks day, Alaska trekking and we’ll be finishing off at the New Orleans Jazz fest! Unbelievably psyched about that one. It’s not often you get to say you’ll be playing the same festival as Aerosmith, Aretha Franklin, Sting, Lionel Richi, Jack Johnson and Sheryl Crow!

I think the only venue we’ve actually played before on this upcoming tour is at the Music Instrument Museum (M.I.M.) in Phoenix. It’s hosts an amazing theater as we’ll as an unbelievably modern and interactive museum. If you’re a musician or music enthusiast it’s a must. You could spend hours walking around looking at instruments from around the globe and listening to countless audio examples at each stop off. Brilliant.

If you want to take a look at the locations that we’ll be hitting this time around have a look at the poster above. We’re very much up for doing a bit of exploring on the few days we have off too so if you know any of the areas and have some suggestions for us we’re all ears!

And of course if you’re close and fancy coming and saying hello you can find links and tickets for each event HERE.

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